Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Some Media Literacy Resources for class...

1) A Dialogue on Media and Ideology:   Christensen and Croteau
  • What?
Christensen: Secret education in the media, people are being manipulated by the media, media only teach us dominant ideology

Croteau:  All media is biased toward dominant ideology, "belief systems that justify the actions of those in power;" media messages are powerful and hard to change; SCWAAMP is at the center of the media representations
  • So What?
Princess mode teaches us to practice a particular kind of femininity
Sets girls up for failure
Sets the focus on 
Boys get to practice building, moving things, shooting, violence, athletics, driving, 

  • Now What?
Christensen says lift the veil and make the messages visible. Create "factories of cynicism;" ask about the ingredients; ACTION based
Croteau suggests a reframing, understanding of how the system works
Pleasure and critique are not mutually exclusive

2)  A Debate:

"Research on the ideology of the media has included a debate between those who argue that media promote worldview of the powerful- the 'dominant ideology'-and those who argue that mass media texts include more contradictory messages, both expressing the "dominant ideology" and at least partially challenging world views." 

3)  A DIscussion:

Beauty and the Beast
What it Feels Like for a Girl

Sesame Street on Princesses
William Wants a Doll


Ted Talk: Cameron Russell
Tough Guise 2

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