Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Notes about Article Connections

If this were a panel, and Shor was leading, how would all the authors we have read respond?

"Opting Out" —  Shor and Delpit

Shor p. 14 -- who is included and excluded??
Delpit p. 45 -- appropriate education devised with/by adults who share in their culture

What are we trying to produce or create in our classroom
Powerful voiced students who take ownership, are empowered and make and have strong connections. To make successful and productive members of society.

Recipe for Success:
Each author has something to add

Delpit might disagree with Shor in some spots.
Shor may not be explicit enough
If Delpit was editing for Shor, she would say that kids need to be TAUGHT how to do this.

Team Delpit/Shor vs. Team Armstrong/Johnson?
privilege plays out in education vs. privilege in society

Diversity vs. ALL kids
Shor felt like it wasn't about DIVERSITY (it is about ALL kids)
Or was he??? (it is about those who are least empowered)

Johnson says Say The Words -- does Shor do it enough??
Shor page 14 -- "eurocentric" is a privilege word?  But is it about curriculum or diversity??

What word cloud would represent each author??
how do the words differ??

Delpit and Shor -- INTENTIONALLY lowering expectations to keep people in their place
Johnson says it to

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