Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some "Do Now" notes from discussion...

Classroom to Prison Pipeline:
consider what happens to students when they leave your classroom
must consider longterm repercussions of discipline
are you willing to accept the consequences of leaving discipline to others?

** Always treat students as individuals, consider where they stand in terms of cultural capital
** Equal is not necessarily FAIR

Beyond Pink and Blue
raise awareness of gender inequality
ask where do these ideas come from
how can these gender inequalities be applied to other areas of diversity?

** work for district-wide goals
** demographics of your district can impact how you take action
** seek out ALLIES so you don't have to do it alone
** have older kids read to younger kids
** Media Literacy work can help address these inequalities in mass media spaces

Students needs to feel SAFE in the classroom
Everyone needs ALLIES
Sometimes the biggest challenge to change is the adults, not the kids
A lot of parents have negative ideas about school -- important to acknowledge and recognize this
For some kids, school is safer than home

** Need to understand who the students are (trans issues, home visits, etc)
** Prepare for the kids you don't expect
** Be ready to deal with issues as they come up
** Parent engagement
** Make small gestures to show kids you are a "safe space"

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